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Homemade Sugar Lip Exfoliating Scrub

Around this time of year my lips get really dry and my Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream is in constant use. Alongside this I always need to use a scrub so I can really keep my lips in excellent condition.

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Weekend Walks

I love the weekend, it’s the perfect opportunity to get out and explore new places. Having Gizmo makes it easier for us to get out as we have to walk him anyway.

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Gym Essentials

I’m sure you’re probably fed up with fitness and diet posts all over the internet but I’d thought I’d do a post for those who’ve stuck with new exercise routines.

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Making Plans and Dealing with Setbacks

I love making plans, having lists and generally being organised, I roughly have a life plan in my head which I like to have to keep me focussed and measure my success along the way. But as often happens life doesn’t always go to plan. Read More

Weekend Relaxing

I’m sure everyone’s favourite part of the week is the weekend, it is the perfect time to relax after a long week at work and enjoy the company of all your favourite people. For me the weekend is a time to enjoy where we live and get some fresh air (I work in an office with no windows!).

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Staying Positive when all you want to do is eat ice cream

Today is a bit of a different post from me but one I hope you will enjoy anyway! Part of my nature is to be hard on myself, most of the time I do this so I can be better, learn and evolve but sometimes I take it too far and become negative about who I am.

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A Trip to Cornwall

For our holiday last year we decided to go to the land of pasties and visit Cornwall! We totally fell in love with the place, which was helped by the great weather we had, and got some great photos. Since then though I haven’t done anything with the pictures and whilst sorting through my files I came across them again. I decided that while it’s a bit after the fact I’d do a little blog post featuring some of my favourite pictures.

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Two New Cookbooks for Healthy Eating

My name is Kat and I have a cookbook addiction. Now that I’ve got that bit out of the way I can continue with my latest cookbook loves. When I see a new cookbook out I can’t help but pick it up, flick through the pages, get mesmerised by the possibilities and buy it.

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Protein Shake Recipe

Mr L&B has protein shakes quite regularly as part of his weights programme but it isn’t something I’ve really looked into. Recently I’ve upped my fitness routine and unconsciously reduced the amount of chicken I eat, in turn reducing evening proteins.

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Cookbook Favourites

I have grown quite a collection of cookbooks over the years and whilst I enjoy them all I do have a few favourites. These favourites are ones I can turn to for fail safe recipes using ingredients I will mostly have stocked.

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