I’m sure you’re probably fed up with fitness and diet posts all over the internet but I’d thought I’d do a post for those who’ve stuck with new exercise routines.

First off it feels awesome to be in February and still going strong with food and exercise routines, go you! When I started working out regularly I got myself in a pattern and worked out (pun intended) very quickly what equipment was essential and worth investing in and what was useful but not necessary.

Trainers: A good fitting and supportive pair of trainers is essential for any exercise. What shoe you buy depends completely on the activity you are doing and also the shape of your foot. A good pair of trainers can be expensive but totally worth it. I found a shop locally to me that looks at the shape of your foot, how you place your foot when you run and then recommends the type of support you need based on the activity. That pair of shoes was the most comfortable pair I’ve ever had. Do a bit of research in your local area and see if there are similar shops near you, if you can’t find anything do some online research, for example if you’re into running look at running forums and website for some help.

Sports Bra: The next essential item is a supportive sports bra which makes exercise comfortable. Again the type of bra you need will depend on your size and activity. I have a high impact sports bra which honestly feels like strapping scaffolding to my chest but I’m always grateful for it when I’m out running. The price of good sports bras can be shocking so I bought one initially then had cheaper ones as well. This meant I could really test the bra out and eventually ended up buying enough to replace the cheap ones.

Water: I’m always surprised at the people that turn up to my gym with no water bottle, admittedly this could be down to forgetfulnesses, but you can tell the people who are surprised when they are working out that they need water and keep having to go over to the water fountain regularly. The bottle pictured is from Primark and was only £3 – keep it in your sports bag (remember to wash it though!) so you never forget it and make sure you hydrate, before, during and after exercise.

Gym Towel: We all sweat when we work out, some more than others, no shame in that! I personally prefer using one of my own towels rather than the blue tissue supplied. Having a stack of freshly washed gym towels in my wardrobe is essential so I can grab one. I tend to buy hand towels from Primark as they are cheaper than sweat towels and keep these as my gym ones.

Headphones: If I’m working out on my own, for example out for a run, I need music to keep me going. I always have a pair of headphones in my bag, my gym has machines with TVs that you plug directly into which is great as I don’t have to worry about charge on my phone.

Clothing: Obviously you’re going to need sports clothing and by now you’ve probably worked out what you’re most comfortable working out in, i.e. t shirts, vests, crop trouser, shorts etc. I make sure I have enough in my wardrobe for a weeks worth of exercise as that means I don’t have to worry about washing clothes as I get it all done at the weekend ready for the next week. Work out what exercise pattern you’ve got yourself into and what works best for you. Don’t feel pressured to buy expensive clothes because they look good, you can find some great bargains in sales or Sports Direct which will have you covered.


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