I love making plans, having lists and generally being organised, I roughly have a life plan in my head which I like to have to keep me focussed and measure my success along the way. But as often happens life doesn’t always go to plan.

As I mentioned in my making changes blog post I recently handed in my notice from my current role without having another job lined up. I have one more week left at work but as my leave date gets closer I find myself looking at my life plan and feeling like I’ve hit a roadblock.

Leaving my job is definitely the best thing for me but it leaves everything else a bit open ended. I’m looking for another job but also trying to use this time to make new plans and deal with the halt in my current ones.

I’m often too hard on myself so my original train of thought on this was ‘oh god I’m unemployed, what am I going to do, no one will want to employ me having just left a job!’

I’ve dealt with this initial negative mind-set and changed the way I see it. I’m now taking some time out to recharge my batteries and look for another opportunity that will really fulfil me. I’m using this time to further research my industry so I can ensure I have the best knowledge for future interviews.

Most exciting of all I’m taking the time to think about exciting content for my blog and *potentially* looking at YouTube, which to be honest I find quite daunting! I’m hoping with this time I will be able to create content that you will all enjoy as well as improve on my photography.

So there we have it, I’ve managed to look at the positive impact this roadblock will have on my life and enjoy every moment!

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