Mozzarella Sharing Bread


Making bread is so satisfying, it’s one of those makes that takes a while so I really only bake bread at the weekend. This Christmas break I decided to experiment with a few bread recipes.

Apologies for the lack of cooked bread shot, when I uploaded the photos and it was out of focus! 

This mozzarella bread was the first of my experiments and I’m really pleased with how it turned out. I used the first part of the method for making bread from this recipe I published previously. After the bread had been left to rise for the first time was when I changed to the mozzarella experiment. I bought a tub of mini mozzarella pearls for this bread recipe which was 125g. I split the bread dough into approx 34 equal portions. I then took each portion individually and made a flat round disc, I then placed a mozzarella pearl in the middle and covered with the dough into a ball so the mozzarella was sealed in the dough. I then transferred the ball into a greased 23cm springform tin. I repeated this process for each dough ball and put into the tin.

I then made the garlic butter by melting 50g butter (I probably would do more butter next time), I then added to the mixture three finely sliced garlic cloves and 2tbsp of chopped parsley. I poured this mixture over the top of the bread in the tin.

I left the bread to rise for a second time for about 30 minutes. Once it had risen I placed in a preheated oven at 180°C for 35 minutes, check on your bread during cooking so the top doesn’t catch as it may need turning.

Serve and enjoy! Action shot below of cutting into one of the bread balls, I feel hungry again just writing this recipe up!


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