It’s been a while since I got my sewing machine out and recently I haven’t felt like I want to sew any clothes so I was thinking what quick and fun sewing I could do.

With Christmas just around the corner and our lovely stove making the room feel festive I decided to make some Christmas bunting for the fireplace. I found some fabric on eBay that I liked that had a really subtle print that I thought would work well and also bought some red fabric tape for the edges of the bunting.

The first think I did was decide on the size triangle I wanted for the fireplace then cut the fabric out, I had two from each fabric and ended up with 12 different designs from the bundle I got on eBay. I placed the two triangle of the same fabric right sides together and sewed along the sides of the triangle, and did this for all 12 triangles.

The next step was to trim away excess fabric, particularly at the points so you can get the triangle shape without being bulky and turn the fabric the right way out. You then need to press the fabric so you get a clean edge.

I then needed to finish the tops of the triangles which I did with the tape. I had bought enough tape so I could sandwich the triangle end in-between two pieces of the tape. I did this by laying out one piece of the tape then placing the top of the triangle on the tape, then topping the triangle with the second piece of tape. I pinned it all in place and carried on in the same way with all of the triangles.

I then stitched two lines of stitching at the top and bottom of the tape to secure all the pieces and ensuring the raw triangle edges were enclosed within the tape.

It was such a fun and easy make that got me back in love with my sewing machine. I have some remnants from the fabric and am thinking of making some decorations for the tree, I’ve just got to choose what shape to make!


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