My name is Kat and I have a cookbook addiction. Now that I’ve got that bit out of the way I can continue with my latest cookbook loves. When I see a new cookbook out I can’t help but pick it up, flick through the pages, get mesmerised by the possibilities and buy it.

When I was doing my weekly shop in Tesco I knew I wanted to pick up Jamie’s latest offering, Everyday Super Food, as I am a big fan of Jamie’s books as I mentioned in my previous post. This latest book is a collection of simple but fresh and healthy recipes.

I’ve previously spoken about trying to get healthier from both exercise and diet but diet is always the one I struggle with as healthy recipes can sometimes be so uninspiring and bland. This books overcomes that totally and is jam-packed of delicious looking food. I’ve made a few of the recipes already, I’ll have a post coming this week on how I used an element of his recipe and came up with a tasty dinner.

Whilst I was looking at the books I noticed Lorraine Pascale has a new book out, Eating Well Made Easy. This is similar to Jamie’s in that it is easy healthy recipes for weekdays and weekends. I’ve again made a few recipes out of this book and am loving the food combinations in the recipes.

These are both great books for inspiring me to eat healthier whilst providing realistic and easy recipes to produce. Have you got any other cookbook recommendations? The shelf in my kitchen is struggling with the weight of books already but I’m sure I cna fit a few more on!

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